The Crystals Of Pisces

The crystals and stones that are believed to enhance the empathy, intuition, and imagination of the Pisces zodiac (“The Fish”) are Aquamarine, Clear Quartz, and Angelite

With it’s sparkling ocean-like color, Aquamarine acts as the ultimate physical representation of Pisces soothing nature, providing us with the compassion necessary to empathize with people from all walks of life.

Clear Quartz, sometimes referred to as the “master-healer”, is known for strengthening physic abilities by neutralizing background radiation, thus revitalizing the soul and creating a gateway between the spiritual and physical planes. 

Because Angelite’s vibration is said to be in touch with higher realms, the stone awakens a powerful form of imagination that can result in exceptional artistic achievements.

Whether you want to buy the three crystals representing Pisces for mystical purposes, or you just think they would look cool lying around your house (the reason I buy them), you can find them here. 


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