The Crystals of Capricorn

The crystals and stones that are believed to enhance the stability, practicality, and ambition of the Capricorn zodiac (“The Goat”) are Garnet, Ruby, & Onyx.

With it’s earthy and subtle aesthetic, Garnet runs perfectly parallel to the goat’s “mother nature” spirit and helps us to remain grounded and connected to the present moment.

Ruby, a more vibrant-looking crystal, instills our hearts with the vigor and confidence needed to boost our motivations and set realistic goals.

Strength and stamina are synonymous with Onyx, the jet-black stone capable of absorbing negative energies and transforming them into wisdom and self-discipline. 

Whether you want to buy the three crystals representing Capricorn for mystical purposes, or you just think they would look cool lying around your house (the reason I buy them), you can find them here


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